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About us

PROEL is a company that designs and manufactures electronic devices. It was founded in 1991.

PROEL specializes in doorphone systems intended for both multi-family buildings and single-family houses, however the main focus is on multi-family housing. Thanks to almost 30 years of presence on the market and  the use of the latest, most advanced technologies in products, it is one of the leading manufacturers of intercoms in Poland.

PROEL is the indisputable leader of two-wire digital systems that has been producing since the beginning of the company’s establishment. The CD1803 system - the flagship product of the company - can be found in every city of Poland in different varieties and versions. The PROEL products are known and used in many countries around the world, including in Russia, England, Australia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA.

The PROEL digital system has become a standard and is constantly being developed. The products correspond to the current trends in industrial design and in electronic technology.

In 2000, PROEL designed and manufactured a new model of doorphone. Currently it is sold in three versions:

PC512 / PC255 - digital camera

PC512 Video - digital camera, suitable for video systems

PA456 - analog camera

The management of PROEL, encouraged by the success of the new camera, began to work on the design and construction of the video station housing. The production of this appliance was successfully launched in 2001.

PROEL comapny is a proud owner of a great number of Certificates including ISO 9001:2000, Ceritificate "B", and donzens of Declarations of Conformity proving that PROEL is a reliable and trustworthy business partner.