to PROEL company

PROEL company is the leading producer and designer of electronic devices.

We are one of the largest Polish manufacturers of modern, digital interphones and videophone systems. We were pioneers as we were the first to create a solution enabling digital technology to be used in the doorphone systems. Thanks to that, today we are the undeniable leader in the digital intercom systems, as they are our specialty.

We constantly design and develop our own, innovative solutions and introduce them, along with and the latest, most advanced technologies, into our products. We work with Polish producers, what guarantees that our intercoms are characterized by the excellent quality.

We have been operating on the market for almost 30 years. Our intercoms and videophone systems guard multi-family buildings, housing estates, offices, public buildings and single-family homes in Poland and in many countries around the world including Russia, England, Australia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA.

Our products are distinguished by the highest quality and modern design. The wide range of available colors and textures from which our devices can be manufactured, guarantees that our intercoms perfectly correspond to current trends in architecture.