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Frequently Asked Questions

I. How to unlock the keyboard? - "back entrance" to the keyboard.

To obtain a one-time access code for KDC 1905/3000/3100 keyboards - please send info to

- data of a person requesting such access (company)
- reason,why the "back entrance" to the keyboard is needed

and documents authorizing such activities:

- purchase invoice with the keyboard serial number to which access is needed


- a certificate from the building manager, also with the serial number of the keyboard for which access is needed
- token (digital-numerical sequence) written down from the keyboard

A one-time token is obtained by:

 - pressing the "key" box 7 times, then entering the special installer code "240362" (or with older keyboards "240360" - try it when the first one does not work).

The displayed token in the KDC3000 and KDC3100 disappears quite quickly and the above procedure should be repeated or the "bell" field should be pressed all the time until the displayed string is written down.

In response, you will receive (by e-mail) a one-time unlocking code. This code works only for this keyboard and cannot be reused.

The code must be entered immediately after the special installer code 240362 (or 240360) without a time interval. Too long interval between entering sequence 240362 (240360) and one-time code - will result in exit from the programming procedure.

After successfully entering the code, the keyboard will go into programming mode - the installer code will be set as standard. It is therefore necessary to set a new - your own - installer code, using the appropriate procedure.

II. Can I change the code of the code lock without calling the system installer?

Yes of course. The CD1803 control panel is a device that stores the tenant codes in a special semiconductor memory. To change the code, enter the control panel into a special operating mode, which is called by following the below procedure:

- choose the number of the given apartment on the keyboard
- wait for the connection with the selected apartment
- touch the field
- while still touching the field, ask the person at the camera to press the door release button three times - within max 1 - 1.5 sec from pressing the field (WARNING! the specified time is particularly important in extensometer keypads: 1805, 3000.)
- the sign of the code lock will appear on the display, i.e. [---]
-release the field and enter the code used so far (checking if the person making the change is authorized to do so)

If the current code has been entered correctly, the control panel will download 4 consecutive digits of the new code, displaying the number on the left side of the display, and the entered value on the right.

During this operation, the camera must be raised, and the door release button must not be pressed! An attempt to hang up the device or press the door opening button during the operation of changing the code lock  will cause the connection fail and the code will not be changed.

III. Why can’t I open the bolt?

The bolt can be opened only when the camera's electronic system is connected to the interphone exchange. To do so one must dial the apartment number on the entry phone keypad and wait 2-3 seconds. If during the conversation, pressing of the lock button does not generate a sound signal in the receiver confirming the opening of the bolt, it indicates the damage of the electronic system in the camera.

IV. Why did the camera in my apartment suddenly stop working?

The reason for sudden deterioration can be:

- if you removed the camera yourself from the wall - wrong connection of the camera line (no electrical contact with the decoder), or reverse connection of wires (exchange of LU + terminals with LU-)

- if there was any work done on the staircase (renovation, satellite TV installation) – breakage in the wire connecting your camera to the intercom system

- if the above activities described in point 1 and 2 were not present, and the intercom does not work only in your apartment, it may mean a digital decoder failure in your premises

- if the above activities described in point 1 and 2 were not present, and the intercom does not work in all or most of the residents, this may mean a failure of the intercom or keypad

In the case of the last two points, the visit of the conservator of the intercom system will be necessary.

V. Why does the bolt not always open the front door?

This is due to the bolt failure, or less likely to the failure of the lock release system in the CD1803 control panel. It should also be remembered that after lifting the handset in the premises, the bolt can be opened only after approx. 2 seconds - before this time is over, pressing the button on the camera will not cause the desired effects.

VI. Can I find myself electrocuted from the intercom?

NO! It is not possible and will never happen. The PROEL intercom system works with the safe voltage. It is a constant voltage with a value of max. 16V.

VII. The intercom rings and after picking up the receiver hears another conversation. What should I do?

This is due to the failure of the electronics in the camera decoder. In this case, the visit of the intercom system conservator is necessary. In case of any problems, you can bring or send the camera to the PROEL head office. We kindly ask you to present the details over the phone call, in advance.


Nastrojowa 16 Street

02-441 Warsaw

tel .: (+4822) 863 33 25

VIII. I can hear the confirmation of the use of the code, but no one comes in?

This is due to the fact that an unauthorized person saw the code and now uses it. The solution to this problem is to change the personal numbers of the code.

IX. E-2 appears on the display and disappears. What is the reason?

This is a short-circuit indication found on a two-wire line of cameras. The control panel starts the diagnostic program and displays a message when a short circuit is detected on the line. A system conservator call may be necessary in this case.

X. Why can’t I choose a code or call my home when Err is on the display?

The CD1803 control panel is equipped with a number of diagnostic programs. One of them is a program that checks the correct operation of the keyboard module. If the keyboard module is damaged and the software can’t repair or mask the problem , the control panel displays the message Err - which tells you that the keyboard can be repaired only in laboratory conditions. A conservator of the intercom system will be required.

XI. What is the combination lock?

A combination lock is a facilitation for people using an entry phone. Knowing the four digits of the code for a specific apartment, it allows you to enter the staircase without using a standard door key.

XII. Why is the camera in the apartment ringing strangely?

This is the case when one or more cameras are connected without maintaining line polarity (changed PLUS with MINUS lines). In this case, the interphone panel does not generate the whole call signal but only a few signals (usually 2-3) and then the connection is disconnected.

XIII. The camera installed in my apartment rings differently than usual. What is the reason?

Different sound of the ringing of the camera occurs when the handset hangs out poorly on the hanger. In this way, the system signals the necessity of a proper hanging up of the device.

XIV. The intercom often rings, but nobody is downstairs. What's wrong?

In the case of "deaf" calls by the doorphone system, ask the intercom system conservator to intervene and check the keyboard installed outside. Some keyboards that work especially in cities with a high level of dustiness, can accidentally choose the apartment number and call one specific place.

XV. How can I use the code lock?

To use the code lock you must:

- select the number of your apartment on the keypad - this number will appear on the display
- touch the keyboard in the field marked with the drawing <> - the display will show three horizontal lines
- choose the four digits of your code

Warning! The numbers '0' in the code are significant and can’t be omitted, even if they are in the first place! If the code has been entered correctly, the electric bolt will be turned on and you will be able to enter the staircase. Each use of the code lock is confirmed (if this function has not been disabled by means of installation procedures) in the corresponding premises, in the form of a short sound signal.