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Doorphone module CA3000 BARTAR 4-5-6

Doorphone module CA3000 BARTAR 4-5-6Doorphone module CA3000 BARTAR 4-5-6Doorphone module CA3000 BARTAR 4-5-6

The device combines the advantages of the KDC3000 digital external keyboard with all its capabilities, along with the simplicity of analog systems. This module is used in case of the service of analogue doorphones (basically any type) existing in the building, and its main function is that it adds to the system all the advantages of a digital entry phone. This module also ensures cooperation of the KDC3000 keypad with contactless cards, while retaining the analog headphones system, as well as the existing wired network (of course provided that it is functional). It gives a great opportunity for noticeable financial savings - there is no need of change of the headphones in apartments for fully digital headphones (i.e. equipped with an internal decoder), while from the user's perspective - the system looks and works like a fully digital one.

The CA3000 doorphone module has an integrated power supply and supports up to 5 analogue headphones. A larger number of headphones is possible to connect through extension modules - CA3000R - each supporting 10 headphones. In the standard solution, up to 16 extension modules CA3000R can be connected to one base of the CA3000 intercom, thus obtaining a system of intercoms with a maximum of 165 headphones.

The CA3000 module, as well as the CA3000R extension modules, are designed to install on a standard DIN-35mm rail and have a width of 4 DIN modules for the CA3000 base and two DIN modules for the CA3000R extension, respectively. The power supply, as well as the outputs supplying the KDC3000 keypad and the electromagnetic lock, are protected against short circuits by reusable polymer fuses. In the event of a short-circuit in the circuit, the voltage is cut off from it. After removing the short circuit, the fuse allows the circuit to be re-energized.

In comparison to standard analogue systems, we implemented in our module a new solution - the ability to adjust the volume of the call signal. This regulation is possible both in relation to the whole system (regulation of global settings) and for individual premises. What's more, individual tenants can choose the volume themselves, depending on their individual preferences. The adjustment is available both from the control keyboard level and from the headset installed in the apartment.

CA3000 modules are available for 3 the most popular analog doorphone systems on the market. These are "4-5-6 wire" type systems, where there are common microphone and headphone cables, and a separate wire for each flat is used for the call signal (ie 5 + 1, 4 + 1 or 3 + 1 systems).

The CA3000 supports all types of lock releases - from separate 2 wires dedicated to the lock button, to the control of the bolt by closing the microphone line.

The second kind of analog systems serviced by CA3000 are CYFRAL type systems. These are type 1 + n systems. These systems are divided into two subsystems - "Cyfral-BATAR" and "TCL". Both systems can be operated by the CA3000 module. Of course, for each of the above mentioned systems, there is a dedicated, appropriate type of the CA3000 module
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