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Interphone exchange CD1803

Interphone exchange CD1803

Weight: 200g

Color: black

Power supply: 14-16V AC

Quiescent current consumption: 300mA

Maximum current consumption: 800mA

Dimensions: 92x120x36 [mm]

CD1803 is an interphone exchange with the following features:

- capacity of 255 numbers
- four-digit code lock for each apartment
- confirmation of the usage of the code lock by a short beep in the appropriate apartment
- the possibility to change the code by the user
- installation and testing software pack 
- the connected wall phones controlled by one two-wire line 
- the possibility to eliminate wall phones from the system with the supplied software 
- alternating current control of the electromagnetic bolt
- optional emergency power supply

The CD1803 exchange is controlled with a microchip, thus many additional functions (not possible in other interphone systems) are accessible. Complex control software provides failure-free work and error assurance point out. Software functions of the exchange allow easy system adjustment to the user's requirements; e.g. number of wall phones, times of bolt being open, ringing, connection. The software access is protected by the installer's code.

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