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VIDEO interphone exchange for videophone

VIDEO interphone exchange for videophone

Weight: 200g

Color: black

Power supply: 18-22V AC

Quiescent current consumption: 500mA

Maximum current consumption: 1000mA

Dimensions: 92x130x36 [mm]

The CD1803 VIDEO has the features of the CD1803 exchange, enlarged by a video camera module and can be used in multifamily purpose videophone systems. The digital identification of the phone allows simplification of the wire system. The differential system for video signal flow allows elimination of the expensive and difficult to install concentric cable.

Simple 3-pair cable, widely used in telecommunications, is enough to install the video system. The standard PC255 wall phone can be used with a video system and an independent monitor can be connected to it, allowing flexible system configuration appropriate to the user's needs.
The work on the video module cover is now in progress.

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