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Leather RFID identifier

Leather RFID identifierLeather RFID identifier
RFID (Radio-frequency identification) - a technique that uses radio waves to transmit data and to supply in power an electronic system that labels the object through a reader (RFID tag) to identify the object. Depending on the design, it enables reading of labels from a distance of up to several dozen centimeters.
We use the UNIQUE system in PROEL cassettes. It is currently the most widely used RFID system. It has a frequency of 125 kHz, transmission speed of 2 kb/s. The system works correctly only if there is one transponder in the identification zone. The RFID identifier operating in the UNIQUE 125kHz system, contains a unique 64-bit code (18446744073709551616 possible combinations). It is designed to work with KDC3000, KDC1805, KDC1905 keyboards. There is also a possibility of cooperation with other keyboards from PROEL. The access control element can work with standard UNIQUE RFID readers from other manufacturers as well.
On a client's request, there is a possibility of printing client's logo on badges.
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