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Illuminated list of inhabitants - LL2003

Illuminated list of inhabitants - LL2003Illuminated list of inhabitants - LL2003

Weight: 250g

Color: black

Power supply: 14-16V DC

Power consumption: 80mA

Dimensions: 120x220x40 [mm]

LL2003 is a list of tenants with the possibility of highlighting letter using LED bulbs installed under the glass. It is designed to be installed next to the KDC2003 cassette. LL2003 is manufactured in black and enables concealed installation. There is a possibility of supplying the list with a roof cover protecting it from rain.
 LL2003 list of tenants exists in two sizes:
- size of the standard KDC2003 keyboard
- half the size of the KDC2003 keyboard
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