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Doorphone panel KDC3905

Doorphone panel KDC3905Doorphone panel KDC3905Doorphone panel KDC3905Doorphone panel KDC3905Doorphone panel KDC3905Doorphone panel KDC3905Doorphone panel KDC3905

Weight: 650g

Color: black, silver, gold, brown, olive, champagne

Power supply: 24V

Power consumption: 400mA - 1A per pick

Dimensions: 225x143x11 [mm]

Fixing: 150x108 [mm]

Allowed temperature: -30C to +50C

KDC3905 keyboard is a combination of currently produced keyboards: KDC1905M and KDC3100. Thanks to the built-in interphone exchange, product installation is exceptionally easy. To start the keyboard you need to connect six wires, two wires of the camera line, power supply and an electric lock. The keypads of this series have the ability to control any type of bolt available on the market and any electromagnetic lock.

KDC3905 keyboard (just like the KDC1905M and KDC3100), is equipped with a backlit Braille keyboard, which is compliant with the European Union requirements and is equipped with a RFID proximity identifier reader, located directly under the keyboard. The built-in memory allows you to handle several hundred identifiers, but thanks to the μSD card (max 2GB), you can increase this number to a few thousand. There is no limit to the number of identifiers assigned to the premises, and the use of the identifier can call any programmed functions.

Like KDC3100 keyboard, KDC3905 is equipped with a graphical LCD display that allows the use of a digital list of tenants. Thanks to the display heating, it works smoothly at temperatures down to -30 ° C. The graphic display allows the presentation of any content, for example: contact for administration, instructions of use or contact to the conservator. The cassette is made of a pressed, dyed aluminum in the same way as KDC3100. The cassette is characterized by a very small thickness -just 11mm, what guarantees that it can be installed on the surface, while maintaining the aesthetics of the surroundings. The product is available in 6 color versions and 3 different textures (sandblasted, brushed or polished casing). For individual customer orders, we can make the keyboard in any color.

KDC3900 series products are equipped with a calibrated RTCC module (real time clock module), thanks to which the cassette is equipped with a number of time functions, such as scheduling or event recording with a time stamp. All these functions are available from the cassette programming level. You can also display the current time on the LCD display.

Just like KDC3100 cassettes, the new product series has been equipped with a USB interface and thanks to that you can easily update software or load work parameters, which had been prepared earlier in a dedicated PROEL program, directly from your computer.

KDC3900 series products support many languages and various alphabets (including Cyrillic). Currently available languages are: Polish, English, Hungarian and Russian. The keyboard can be equipped with any chosen language, if needed. This requires uploading the previously prepared language file in the appropriate format and form.

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