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Doorphone panel KDC1905M

Doorphone panel KDC1905MDoorphone panel KDC1905MDoorphone panel KDC1905M

Weight: 1000g

Color: black

Power supply: 10-24V AC

Power consumption: 150mA

Dimensions: 210x182x30 [mm]

Other: different color to order

The KDC1905M doorphone keypad (Master - Slave) combines a touch panel keyboard with a built - in control panel. The touch panel, which is backlit at night and equipped with Braille marking (support for visually impaired people) is fully compliant with the EU directive on devices installed in public space. The built-in proximity card reader, along with the controller and data management system, makes it easier for tenants to access the building.

KDC1905M directly controls the line of PROEL digital cameras, as well as a simple, reversible or electromagnetic beam. Fully electronic regulation of acoustic tracks in combination with the dynamic volume control system significantly improves usability. The possibility of smooth adjustment of the volume of the bell is an additional advantage. It is also possible to set individual volume values for individual premises.

The KDC1905M keypad can be directly connected to 7 satellite keyboards (type KDC1915M) and thus can create more complex systems with multiple inputs and different permissions.

KDC1905M keyboard is the best alternative for older Master - Slave systems thanks to a simple conversion of old exchanges and keyboards to new ones, which give greater comfort of use. It is possible to supplement the system with a video camera adapted to the PROEL video systems. The wide-angle camera lens provides a wide field of view and eliminates the need to choose a special keyboard installation location.

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