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Doorphone planel KDC1915M

Doorphone planel KDC1915MDoorphone planel KDC1915M

Weight: 1000g

Color: black

Power supply: 10-24V DC

Power consumption: 150mA

Dimensions: 210x182x30 [mm]

Other: different color to order

KDC1915M is the "SATELLITE" of the KDC1905M keyboard - it allows you to extend the KDC1905M system with further inputs, also in the Master - Slave system.

In contrast to previous solutions, the installation of an additional keyboard does not require another module of the control panel. Like KDC1905M, the satellite keyboard has a built-in RFID proximity reader and a strain gauge keypad. KDC1915M also allows attaching a bolt and magnetic jumpers, and has a built-in system to improve the readability of the conversation. The device is enclosed in a solid metal housing in accordance with the dimensions of the 1803/1804/1805 series of keyboards.

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