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Interphone outdoor panel KDC3100

Interphone outdoor panel KDC3100Interphone outdoor panel KDC3100Interphone outdoor panel KDC3100Interphone outdoor panel KDC3100Interphone outdoor panel KDC3100Interphone outdoor panel KDC3100

Weight: 650g

Color: black, silver, gold, polish gold, olive, brown, inox, red, blue, green

Power supply: 12 do 24 DC

Power consumption: 400mA

Dimensions: 225x143x11 [mm]

Fixing: 4 screws with pins

Allowed temperature: -30C to +50C

The device has a large, backlit and easily readable LCD display, on which can be presented an electronic list of tenants and a shorter information on the method of using the keyboard (user manual). The keyboard module itself is made in the form of a touch panel with adjustable sensitivity. The keyboard is illuminated for comfort of its use at night and additionally marked with Braille (according to EU requirements).

The keyboard housing is made of extruded aluminum and polycarbonate elements and  it is available in several color versions. It has a very small thickness - just 11mm - which enables easy on the surface installation. The KDC3100 keyboard is designed for use in a wide temperature range, thanks to the use of a heated LCD display. The power of the heating used depends on the ambient temperature. The KDC3000 keyboard is compatible with all older 1803 systems and derivatives.

It is equipped with a USB interface, which allows you to easily update software, archive work parameters, and update and change in the list of tenants, as well as influence the content of the operating instructions displayed on the monitor. You can easily create your own instructions, which are tailored to the structure of the installation. The software used in KDC3100 enables the use of many languages - currently languages available are: English, Polish, Hungarian and Russian. German and French in preparation.

The KDC3100 keyboard is equipped as a standard with a real-time clock module. Thanks to this addition, it is possible to present the current time on the keyboard display and a number of time functions - operation schedules. For example: on specific days, certain hours the device can be blocked by a specific group of proximity tags, or blocked for specific moments -  you can disable function of calling to defined premises, or the function of opening the door. Scheduling of the tasks is very simple and based on a graphical interface and can be obtained directly from the programming level of the keyboard. Loaded work schedules can be saved in the computer via the USB port on the keyboard. It is possible to add the clock function to older keyboards. If you are interested in such a functionality, please contact our Customer Service Department.

The KDC3100 keypad has a built-in access control reader (RFID), located directly under the touch panel keyboard. It provides distance reading of wireless identifiers in proximity of 50mm - depending on the form of the identifier. The built-in memory allows to handle several hundred identifiers, depending on the content of the list of tenants. Larger amounts of identifiers are possible, after inserting microSD cards (maximum capacity: 2GB) into the keyboard.

You can assign any number of identifiers to each apartment. It is also possible to assign an identifier to the call function to the premises, which means that if such an identifier is detected, a connection to the programmed apartment takes place. Identity management is possible in several ways - both from the KDC3100 keyboard level and through a USB connector with the use of a special software. For the convenience of installers, you can also use the "MASTER card" function to quickly add identifiers, including assigning them to a specific location.

The KDC3100 keypad has a built-in electronic list of tenants as standard. The names on the list are displayed in alphabetical order, and the intuitive system of tabs allows quick access to groups of names beginning with the letters of the alphabet, which are shown on the keyboard in the same way as in the mobile phone (e.g. abc letters are under the number 2 .) After selecting the tenant's name from the list, you can connect to his premises without knowing the number of this apartment. The list of tenants, may be used not only to identify and search for a tenant based on the name, but also allows the extension of the interphone exchange 1803 to select the apartment number with any postfix (made of letters). It also allows to change the number entered from the keyboard into another one, valid in the system. For the ease of use by the user - the KDC3100 keypad dynamically displays a list of available apartment numbers in which the postfix was used - this way there is no need for additional manipulations on the alphanumeric keypad. It is enough to choose a number from the list suggested on the display. Due to the built-in support for many languages, names on the list of tenants may contain foreign-language characters, e.g.: it is possible to enter the name in the Cyrillic alphabet

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