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Digital unifon PC612

Digital unifon PC612Digital unifon PC612Digital unifon PC612Digital unifon PC612Digital unifon PC612Digital unifon PC612

The PC612 intercom is the latest PROEL offer. It has a number of functions previously unavailable from any manufacturer of intercoms! PC612 is also available in a VIDEO version.

The PC612 intercom is a development of the PC512, enclosed in a new, attractive, minimalist housing. Following the latest trends in architecture and construction, we have made it possible to choose as many as 4 color variants with which the intercom is finished: black, blue, red and yellow. The intercom is made of the highest quality materials and holds securely in the hand, and its minimalist character makes it fit perfectly and decorate modern interiors.

The PC612 digital intercom has a number of functions not available from any manufacturer!

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art solutions, we can:

- for the convenience of use, set the defined NIGHT/DAY modes, e.g. with a pre-set ringer volume or activated code use signaling function
- smoothly adjust the volume and adjust it to your preferences
- enable and disable the ringtone, code confirmation sound or LED signaling
- activate the OFFICE function, which enables automatic opening of the door after calling the premises

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